ATV Snowblower – Best invention since the snow shovel

However severe a winter may be, there is no way you hate it. Yes, there are issues. It can be difficult. Too much snow can cause a few problems. However, what about the fairytale scenery? I bet you love that. Children are playing in the snow, building snowmen, going downhill on sleds. Laughter and joy are all around. You cannot allow a few downsides to ruin the magic of the season, now can you?

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Knowing all this and enjoying all the perks of winter, you cannot even grasp the idea of hating it. It is kind of confusing when there are more ups than downs. Especially that you live in an era when if there is a problem, you just overcome it.

Modern technology allows you to enjoy all the perks of a certain something, without feeling the flaws. It is the same with winter. You can thoroughly enjoy the cold season because you have central heating. The same goes with snow. You can enjoy it without getting trapped and isolated by the massive falling. That is the sole purpose of ATV snowblowers.

About ATV Snowblowers

I do not doubt that you have heard before about ATV snow blowers. It is relatively an old concept. However, I just want to make sure that you know everything you need to know about it before buying one. I am aware that such an asset does not come cheap and I know how hard you work for your money. That is why I want to help you to make an informed decision regarding such a potential purchase.

An ATV snowblower is a piece of machinery that you attach to your ATV. Manufacturers have designed these machines specifically for these vehicles, so you do not have to worry that it will not work for your model.

You do not need special hitching tools. The new models have a new style hitch package. You do not have to do any heavy lifting. You can easily hook and unhook the snow blower from your ATV.

If you worry that the snow blower will damage your ATV because of its heavy weight, please don’t. Manufacturers have given some thought to this aspect, and they made sure that there will not be any issues. They have come with a solution. Your ATV frame does not have to support the weight of the snowblower. Its pneumatic castor will support the weight.

How an ATV Snowblower works?

I am not going to go all technical on you. Chances are you do not need all the technical details of what makes this machine tick (if you do you can find it all here). You probably want to know how to use the snow blower for its intended purpose, or how to engage the snow thrower. I am going to make it very simple for you.

Once you hitched the snow blower, all you have to do is sit down on the saddle and work the remote. Remember: You control everything from the saddle. You MUST sit down to engage the snow blower. The saddle includes the ignition, choke, throttle, electric PTO, safety switch, electric chute rotation, and chute deflector.

My advice to you is to read the user’s manual. I can tell you how an ATV snowblower works, but each model has its directions. Each one is different and works in a certain way. The main idea is the same, but read the manual before the first use and every time you need some help.

Finding the best ATV snowblower that meets your needs

Most ATV brands can easily support a snowblower. You should not have a hard time in finding one that fits your ATV’s criteria.

Be advised: Some ATV snowblowers do not come with a motor, so you have to provide one yourself. Fortunately, you have a great variety from which you can choose, from 7 HP up to 23 HP. It all depends on the snow blower you want.

As far as the types of snow blowers go, there are three kinds:

  • Single-stage ATV snowblower – it is ideal for smaller spaces you want to clear, like sidewalks or small driveways. It is lighter, which means it does not need individual support. It is compact and easy to handle. However, people consider this type of snow blower to be more suitable for places where there is no heavy snow. The manufacturers advise customers to use the single stage snowblower only on paved surfaces because the auger (the blades) comes in direct contact with them. Also, this kind of snow blower directs the snow straight throw a discharge
  • Dual-stage ATV snowblower – this one is perfect for larger areas and deeper snow. It is heavier and larger, but it has additional support (it has wheels so your ATV would not feel the extra weight). The auger collects the snow, and a fan throws the snow faster and farther away than a single-stage snowblower. Also, the dual-stage snowblower’s auger does not come in contact with the surface, which means it is safe to use it on dirt or gravel. This one is my personal favorite.
  • Three-stage ATV snow blower – this is a dual-stage ATV snowblower on steroids, so to speak. It has an accelerator that is stronger than an auger.

What you should also know is that you can find an ATV snowblower in different sizes. However, you should take into consideration the storage space you have. My advice to you is to look for the best ATV snow blower that meets your criteria. The aspects you should consider are the area where you live, how much snow do you usually have in the area, the size of your property, etc. Do not make a purchase that does not fit you. Would you buy a coat that is too big for you?


If you ask me, the man who designed the snowblower for ATV should have a statue erected in his name. Tha man is a genius. Thanks to him you can say goodbye to the old snow shovel and a bad back. You can enjoy all the perks of winter without the downsides. You can buy something, attach it to another thing you already own, and there you have it: your life is already simpler.

What I want to make sure is that you have a clear picture of what an ATV snow blower means and does. As I said to you before, make an informed decision before you make a purchase. Do your research, read a few snow blower reviews. Make due diligence to spend your hard worked money on something that will make your life easier. After all, that is all this thing is about, isn’t it?

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