Kimpex Berco Snowblower Versatile Plus 48″ Snowblower Review

Winter is at your doorstep and honestly, you are kind of sick and tired of the old snow shovel. Times have changed, and people use less primitive tools and more heavy machinery when they need to take care of things. So why wouldn’t you?

An ATV snow blower sounds better than a bad back, doesn’t it? You already have that ATV in the garage, so why not put it to work? That will make snow shoveling a thing of the past. Getting rid of snow will be more of a child’s play rather than a chore. So take a look at this excellent snowblower model.

I give you KIMPEX BERCO Versatile Plus 48″. I know you probably have read a lot of snow blower reviews to find a good one, you did your research, but let me tell you why this model is the best ATV snow blower that fits your precise needs. As you probably know, the options are many. I believe we can both agree that you need a little help.

Technical Details

This snow blower model is specially designed for an ATV. It will attach to any ATV you may have in the garage. What is best is that you are probably looking for a snowblower that comes without a motor because you already have one (my guess is that’s how you landed on this page, to begin with). It is common. That is the precise reason the people from KIMPEX released this BERCO Snowblower.

You will be required to place the motor in the middle for the perfect balance. You will need an engine between 13HP and 23HP with the horizontal crankshaft of 1”. After all, you do want that snow as far away from the sidewalk/driveway as possible, don’t you?

As for the electrical control box, it includes the adjust chute, the engage clutch and stop your engine, all from your seat. The power clutch will instantly engage the snowblower. There is no waiting time. There are models which require a waiting time for the snow blower to be engaged. Personally, I find that very annoying and time wasting. I bet that you would love this feature.

The blower is 48’’ wide and 21’’ high. The machine weighs 245 lbs without the motor. Although the snow blower supports its own weight, it can be transferred to the ATV’s suspension. That will ensure more maneuverability. You will be able to handle it easier.

This is all you need to know to buy this product. Clients’ satisfaction is not an issue. All reviews have been positive so far. The product comes with a 1 year of residential warranty and 90 days commercial warranty.


The KIMPEX BERCO Versatile Plus 48″ Snowblower translates into a better, easier winter. There are areas in the United States (and not only) where winters come in the same package with tons of snow. If you find yourself in such a place, I kindly recommend this ATV snowblower. It does not come cheap. You can have it for 2682$, but it’s totally worth it. It will change your view on winter completely.

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