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Provide technical assistance to the commander and evaluators. For indeterminate day deployments only: Reviewers assigned on or prior to close-out date, enter information as of the close-out fogm if assigned after the close-out date, enter the information as of the date signed. If the rater is a senior rater, the report must close out at this level unless it is a referral report. Uncommon acronyms do not have to be spelled out in this section, but will be spelled qf in Section X, Remarks on the reverse of the form.

Routing procedures will only be specified for routing the form after the final signature fofm supplied by the ratee. Receives all evaluations via CMS. Section denter organizational designation, MAJCOM if applicablelocation, and if applicable organization and location of attachment, followed by the component.

Officer Performance Report

School designation status is 70b7 on the Officer Selection Brief. Will automatically default to all capital letters after cursor leaves data field.

For example, if preparing an OPR to cover the period from 1 July to 31 December, and the rater was first so designated on 1 September and served in this capacity without a break to 31 December, and the ratee reported for training and duty for a total of 27 days between 1 September and 31 December, then the period of supervision is days, not 27 days.

The form can be either handwritten or typed. C Example Flight Commander Table 3. Corrective actions should be initiated upon receipt of the OPR notice. Select appropriate choice from drop down menu: Enter the frm of days the rater supervised the ratee during the reporting period. Additionally, if the organizational structure changes in conjunction with an evaluator change, the new evaluator may not qualify to endorse the report due to position or grade requirements.


Disciplinary action is not required. See Note 18 Enter the last four digits of the social security number. Do not use this section to enter a second organization if the officer is filling a dual-hatted role. The ratee must acknowledge receipt of the report in Section VIII prior to the report becoming a matter of record.

The form is enabled with digital signature and auto date capability. In the case where digital signatures are being used on the evaluation, the AF Form 77 will be prepared, signed with a wet signature, scanned and saved in PDF format, and electronically forwarded along with the electronic evaluation.

Enter number of days ratee was supervised by rater during the reporting period.

Ratee forwards digitally signed report back to the rater. The new form has digital signature capability. Digital signature feature is independent of other digital signatures. If foem evaluation remains unchanged and the reviewer still disagrees, the reviewer marks the non-concur block and specifically states why he or she disagrees in the space provided.

The forms have digital signature and auto-date capability.

Methods for Assessing Safety Culture. Colonels will continue to receive initial feedbacks; however, they will now also receive a follow-on feedback upon acknowledgement of the OPR. Also see Note Applies only to the first non-EAD-status report. See Note 14 Example Table 3. Prior evaluators are first given an opportunity to change the evaluation; however, they will not change their evaluation just to satisfy the evaluator who disagrees.


Provide technical assistance to the commander, evaluators, and CSS, when necessary. An evaluator 70b7 be a colonel or equivalent to close out report as a single evaluator.

The new form will be designated as AF Form Unlike resident students, non-resident students do not receive a Training Report to document this achievement. This is not to be interpreted to mean the forrm can refuse to sign if they disagree with the report.

Additional raters may be for, higher in the organization than the senior rater. Unit commanders may request an extension when officers are required to fitness test immediately preceding the OPR closeout date and fails to meet fitness standards. Comments on fitness are prohibited on the AF FormPromotion Recommendation Form, unless the officer is not meeting fitness standards.

There are no other changes with requirements for 707 and midterm feedback. C Example Table 3. The corrections can be made and the form resigned. On EAD active duty and reserve and performed duty in an organization other than his or her assigned PAS code, enter the assigned information, followed by “with duty at.

If the officer is: Limit comments to the space provided unless referred or evaluator does not concur with the evaluation. Once a digital signature is applied, the comments and ratings are locked and cannot be changed, in addition, the digital signatures cannot be deleted.

Implementation Instructions For New OPR & PFW

Extensions beyond this period are not allowed. AFIparagraph 3.

The digital signature feature of this block is independent of other digital signatures on the form. The rater should first attempt to call the ratee and conduct the feedback via telephone.