Read a free sample or buy ALLAH KELÂMI KUR’ÂN-I KERÎM VE AÇIKLAMALI MEALİ by Ali Ünal. You can read this book with Apple Books on. for revelation (asbab al-nudhul) and notes for specific references. In this section you will find the whole text of this book written by Turkish scholar Ali Ünal. Ali Unal Kuran Meali Pdf Indir Free – Ali unal kuran meali pdf download. Bedava Pdf Formatnda Kitap Indir Pdf. TUSDATA Nisan Tus.

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Vehbi Yildiz – Hidayet Yildizlari. Now there has indeed come to you Our Messenger, making clear to you many things you have been concealing of the Book the Bibleand passing over many things in order not to put you to further shame. Surely God fully encompasses with His Knowledge and Power all that they do. Prizma 1 – M F Gulen. Saffet Senih – Oze isleyen Soz – Siir.


Am I then unable even to be like this raven, and so find a way to cover the corpse of my brother? God is indeed All-Hearing, All-Seeing. Lawful kuarn you are all beyond those mentioned, that you may seek, offering them of your wealth, taking them in sound chastity i.

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By your Lord, they do not truly believe unless they make you the judge regarding any dispute between them, and then find not the least vexation within themselves over what you have decided, and surrender in full submission.

For them is disgrace in the world, and in the Hereafter a tremendous punishment. So We would make you a sign for the people that they might understand how We have created them and will restore life to them after their death. But now God has pardoned them. Show us our rites of worship mea,i particularly the rites of the Pilgrimage and accept our repentance for our inability to worship You as worshipping You requires.


He acts as He wills in His dominion, and you are His servants wholly submitted to Him.

I answer the prayer of the suppliant when he prays to Me. Saffet Senih – Ruhlar ve Otesi.

A commandment meaki God. It may be that God will thereby restrain the force of those who disbelieve. Why do you confound the truth by mixing meli with falsehood and conceal the truth knowingly? Vehbi Yildiz – Dusun Anla ve Agla. Vehbi Yildiz – Deger Olcusu. Whomever God wills, He leads astray, and whomever He wills, He sets on a straight path. Cekirdekten Cinara – M F Gulen. Surely God has prepared for the unbelievers a shameful, humiliating punishment.

So too those kurran have no knowledge from God say the like of their word. Irsad Ekseni – M F Gulen. God knows well all about your faith and measures you by it ; and whether you be free or slaves you are one from another belonging, as believers, to the same faith and community.

Inancin golgesinde-1 – M F Gulen.

Dua Ufku – M F Gulen. If, unwl they wronged themselves by committing a sinthey but came to you and implored God meapi forgive them — with the Messenger praying to God for their forgiveness — they would find that God is One Who returns the repentance of His servants with liberal forgiveness and additional reward, and All-Compassionate.


If you could but see how it will be when those wrongdoers find themselves in the agonies of death when the angels appointed aki take their soulsstretching uunal their hands say: According to customary good and religiously approvable practice, women have rights similar to those against them that men havebut men in respect of their heavier duty and responsibility have a degree above them which they must not abuse.


Theirs is an attitude arising from their fancies and desires, not from knowledge. Surely He is the Meeali Who accepts repentance and returns it with liberal forgiveness and additional reward, the All-Compassionate.

Melai is entirely Able to do that. Sabah – Aksam Dualari. That permission to marry slave-girls is luran those of you who fear to fall into sin kura remaining unmarried.

If you are suffering having to endure hardshipsthey too are suffering just as you are, but you hope to receive from God what they cannot hope for.

The Miraculous Quran – Translation by Chapter

And He leads them by His leave out of all kinds of intellectual, spiritual, social, economic, and political darkness into light, and guides them to a straight path in belief, thought, and action. Fasildan Fasila – 2 – M F Gulen. Vehbi Yildiz – ilim ve irfan Nesli. You can read this book with Apple Books on.

So withdraw from them, and put your trust in God. What they are niggardly with, they will have it hung about their necks on the Day of Resurrection. God teaches you whatever you need in life and the way you must follow in every matter ; God has full knowledge of everything. Among them there are believers, but most of them are transgressors.

If they both want to set things aright, God will bring about reconciliation between them.