am fost medic la auschwitz – Căutare Google. Get this from a library! Am fost medic la Auschwitz: morți fără morminte: laboratorul și crematoriile dr-ului Mengele. [Miklós Nyiszli]. Dr. Mengele boncolóorvosa. I am writing this review not to comment on the story itself, but in response to some of the criticisms I have read about the book. Criticism #1: Dr Miklos Nyiszli was.

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Nyiszli witnessed this twelve times during his stay, before catching sight of the last S. You must be a registered gost to wuschwitz the IMDb rating plugin. Staff pick — Auschwitz 1 12 Jun 23, I’ve found that my mind muddles reading non-fiction accounts of the Holocaust with fictitious stories of it because sometimes it my mind cannot wrap itself around the fact that this horrifying event actually took place.

The parts about his family must have been very emotional for him, of course.

He had many duties, from patching up prisoners and S. While I suppose he didn’t say anything actually untrue it was still unsettling. Having never lived through anything like this or really even being able to imagine the true scope of this evil I ajschwitz unable to judge someone who auschwiyz. He slept for eight months near the ovens and gas chambers that killed and “liquidated” thousand and in many cases over ten thousand people a day. Open Preview See a Problem? This group was taken out into the woods and killed by flame throwers.

It’s written in doxtor way that shows self-control rather than an out pouring of grief and pain. So along with the gas, there was the bullet, and later on not to my surprise, the flamethrower, typical Nazi mentality, no one gets an easy death, even those attempting suicide were bought back, only to end up like the rest.

See 2 questions about Auschwitz…. But this is clearly hard to contain, as many times you feel he just wants to break down, who can blame lz I am currently enrolled in a World War II class and for our mid-term exam we are to write a paper over a book on some aspect of the war and how it has changed our understanding of the subject.


He has to do all the autopsy that he is asked to do and also take care of the ill in all of the barracks. How could this have happened? He really opens your eyes as to how much fear everyone in docfor camp had and how most if not all of the people that were sent Auschwitz ended up “liquidated”.

What good would it have done anyway? The forword, by Bruno Bettelheimis very important I think and cost at all boring unlike many forewords that I’ve slogged through.

Miklós Nyiszli – Wikipedia

Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. I don’t think anyone could really make something like this up. Now I have read quite a lot about the Holocaust and have even attended various speeches and lectures given by survivors or experts in the field.

The only reason I couldn’t give it a full five stars is because of how it ended Now I have read quite a lot about the Holocaust and have eve Docror, I dislike non-fiction.

My blood runs cold just thinking about it. I guess I wanted the author to make me feel something, but too often felt this was a clinical study and for that I lq ever so sad. Lists with This Book. These are not the kinds of books that you enjoy, but I believe they must be read and committed to memory and nothing infuriates me more then when they are dismissed as depressing or unnecessary.

May 15, david rated it it was amazing. An insightful account into life at Auschwitz written by a doctor who unfortunately had first hand experience there. Not because you have nothing to say, but because there simply are no words to express how you feel about what you’ve read.

But I suppose, having been written in a logical, no nonsense fashion by a doctor, the abrupt ending made sense. However, even horribly burned, some lived to suffer horribly before a mercy shot was given. For the most part the babies were carried in their fathers’ arms, or else wheeled in their carriages.

Auschwitz: A Doctor’s Eyewitness Account

This has to be one of the most inhumane ways of killing that I have ever seen. Aug 14, FrozenbySloth added it Recommends it for: Apr 07, Arnab Das rated it it was amazing Shelves: That being said, whatever the doctor did certainly saved his life, and shocking readers with more details of gruesome medical experiments would have people shun the rest of the story. Although this was a good read, the story is told by someone with special privilege, even though he was a Jew auschwittz a place where every other Jew was starved, beaten, tortured or gassed to death.


I have read and seen many accounts of the Holocaust, in the form of memoirs, biographies, journals, documentaries, and photos. If he was truly the go-to guy for Mengele for so long, he surely committed worse acts than he relates in the book.

Aam for telling us about the problem. Miraculously, Nyiszli survived to give this horrifying and sobering account. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. That in and of itself warrants a more detached narrative. It’s a telling that needs to be told but it’s not a comfortable read.

Criminal Doctors Auschwitz () – IMDb

Most prisoners probably never knew this much, and therefore, this book is very important. Auschwitz referencing the book title and not the place was as sterilized of emotion as a doctor’s instruments.

But let’s talk about the author. And even though he was already reconciled with his death, in the end he wrote books, hoping all the time that people will read and listen and someday know what aushwitz.

I think of the girl that survived the gas chambers, the the woman and child hiding several days in the camp and the rebellion of the Sonderkommando, working in the crematorium.

Little did he realise this would not only help to save his life, but also pass on valuable knowledge in the Reich’s evil machine during the final solution. Nyiszli auscywitz near death constantly, and very close to be killed two times.