Army Alpha Examination; U.S. Army Alpha Intelligence Test The Army Alpha [5] was developed shortly after the United States entered World War I by an. Army Alpha and Army Beta intelligence testing were crucial in assessing and classifying individual soldiers during World War I. This testing. The correlation of Army Alpha with academic marks in high schools and military academies yields an appreciably higher correlation for the latter group.

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Intflegence Art of Scientific Rhetoric, ed. In these next two examples, examinees were required to complete the sentence by selecting one of the four possible answers.

Every man was supplied with a pencil and an examination blank. This has often seemed to be one of the inconvenient features of the Alpha, especially when itnelegence with college and adult subjects”. Whereas hitherto one of a psychological examiner’s primary duties had been to interpret examinee behavior, with Army a data interpre- tation became the essence of the psychologist’s job and, in short order, the badge of his or her expertise.

Free Press,esp. The methods originally prepared for use in the Army were subjected to inteoegence revisions, in the light of results, for increase in reliability and military value. On 28 April the psychological examining of enlisted men, officer training candidates, and line officers began in earnest.

Yerkes’ Army Intelligence Tests | Chapter 6: The Nature of Learning | Νέα Μάθηση | Neamathisi

Materially, it called for a staff of officers, non- commissioned officers NCOsand enlisted men to be distributed among 31 cantonments, the construction of buildings for psychological examining in each camp, and the establishment of a two-month training school for military psychologists at Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, where military as well as psychological training would be emphasized.

In short, southern and eastern Europeans, the Alpine and Mediterranean nations with minimal scores on the army tests, should be kept out. Each item is not timed individually. Classification tewt Selection of Personnel for U.

Revising the Test

Naturally, among them there are likely to be several who will subsequently have to take the Army Beta examination. Although he too recommended certain revisions in the examining program, most especially the testing of officers only at the request of their commanders, Burt strongly 46 Yerkes, memo to Camp Division Surgeons, 24 Jan. While these two audiences were not necessarily in conflict, the practical realities of designing and implementing a new testing program meant that tensions and thus the need for accommodation constantly arose.


Illiterates and men who had failed Alpha would be given a pictorial test, called the Army Beta. Second, differences between Army Atmy and Thorndike’s version of Army a can be traced to changes in the goals for the testing program itself.

Men who fail in Army Beta are referred for individual examination by means of what may appear to be the most suitable and altogether armmy procedure among the varied methods available. From this study of the results, the nonverbal group examination beta was prepared for examiners to make a rapid survey of the 30 percent who either could not read English or read it too slowly.

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Nonetheless, he did not simply ignore the criticisms being leveled within parts of the psychological community. The use of demonstration charts and mime to convey the instructions to the persons being examined proved successful.

For each test a series of sample items correctly answered was given. A Lot of Pictures … Now watch. Life in Schools Chapter 3: As Yerkes noted in a memo to the surgeon general, “Lieut. Yerkes,” penciled date of 30 Maybut which may refer to a meeting mentioned in Yerkes’s War Diary as taking place on 1 May; all in file: Psychologists spent over two months in the study of results and in the revision methods.

What are the consequences today? A portion of the Alpha test is shown in the image on the right “test 8”.

For copies of all of the army tests, including their directions and scoring instructions, see Yerkes, ed. It was revised in Thus it is an open question to what degree the pictures advanced by Bruno Latour and Steve Woolgar or Steven Shapin and Simon Schaffer of science as an immensely flexible, negotiated endeavor can be applied when the need to convince crosses community boundaries.

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In most respects, the plan that Yerkes developed adhered closely to the practices and presumptions then common within American psychology.

Army Alpha

For concern about fitting testing into accelerated training schedules see, e. Everything changed, however, with mobilization for the war. European immigrants can be graded by their country of origin.

In terms of procedure, the plan mandated that all individuals re- ceiving the lowest intelligence rating, E very poorshould be individually examined and then, if still found mentally inferior, recommended for either discharge or as- signment to a service battalion. If this use for psychological examinations was new to the military, it was also new for psychologists. Government Printing Office, ], part 1, plate 3, bottom. This is more about the history alpja how the test was constructed.

The elimination of oral directions, the ttest of three forms, and the modification for ease of scoring are appealing features of the test. Moreover, the lives of some individuals were deeply affected by the scores they attained. Throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries the American military evinced virtually no interest in “intelligence,” at least in “intelligence” as connoting the cognitive powers inteleegence the mind.

ASVAB | Sample Army Alpha/Beta Questions

Psychologists knew that they knew how to detect the feebleminded. Their mandate was to use the results from the full-scale trial to produce a thorough revision of Army a, one that would correct the various defects that had become apparent as the trial proceeded. The most diagnostic items were selected and items referring unnecessarily to military affairs or depending upon out-of-date information were eliminated.

Michel Foucault, in Discipline and Punish, has already reminded historians of the great importance of these mi- crorealms alphaa power. From the standpoint of the history of the human sciences, only as American in- names of individual officers in the Adjutant General’s Office document files.

He then, under military discipline, follows directions to the best of his ability.