Prologue. Susan Brownmiller turity, femininity increasingly became an exasperation, a bril- Invariably and necessarily, femininity is something that women. Brownmiller’s startling book is divided into 8 somewhat arbitrary but useful subcategories from which to analyze the effect of femininity on the. “Illuminating and ial reading.” THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW Writing with great passion, warmth, and wit on a subject that’s never.

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I do highly recommend this book to anyone interested in feminist history – this is not for beginners! MacDonald the reporter exceeds MacDonald the novelist in this story of the Eternal Church of the Believer, known to its naively devoted flock through its weekly television spectacular–that is, divine service–and through mailed and telephoned appeals for donations.

One could say that masculinity is often an effort to please women, but masculinity is known to please by displays of mastery and competence while femininity pleases by suggesting that these concerns, except in small matters, are beyond its intent. The Open Road edition which I read lists the original copyright as This book includes all these interesting facts and then some. Overall this book can read a little too much like a history book, crammed with facts and figures, but in the end I remain positive as I found most of the information fascinating and it illuminated the topic.

It is difficult to read this book and not feel guilty for whatever standards of femininity you happen to adhere to, but that seems inevitable. Femininityy with This Book. Except for a somewhat derisive take on makeup, Brownmiller, for the most part, presents an idea fraught with booby traps with the emotionally neutral and orderly journalistic precision that is engaging without being irritating, straightforward without being oversimplified, and personal without being self-centered.

It woke me up to realities I took for granted and I’m still lucid of these influences and integrate them into my understand of myself and others. After all, as she says, “Women are all female impersonators to some degree.


No trivia or quizzes yet. A lot of language used in this book was kind of trans-phobic, so I’m rating it down a bit.

If anything, I femlninity moved and filled with pride to learn about the women that truly paved the way for the rights I have as a woman today. Jamie rated it really liked it Sep 25, It took some courage to risk a book like this in the Age of Reagan. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.


Femininity, by Susan Brownmiller (Fawcett/Columbine, $7.95). This…

This was this month’s selection for my feminist book club and I loved it! Dec 15, Kerry rated it it was amazing Shelves: Often she digresses to make evolutionary comparisons to primates, other species.

Undoubtedly an out-of-date book, it sadly still depicts a society that places an emphasis on male definitions of ‘femininity’ and the need for women to meet its ideals.

Why does this feel like giving up?

The author expressed her ideas extremely well and was clear and organized. It would be fair to say that race should also be taken in consideration when discussing the other aspects in particular voice and ambitionbut I wonder if femninity lack is due in part to when this book was written. In demanding such constant homage to their imagined strength, rationality, and overall superiority, men seem pathetically desperate for reassurance of their difference.

Oct 09, Jezzyka rated it it was amazing.

In fact, men are more likely to be penalized or question if they wear skinny jeans. Not so much in America anymore, but in India where I happen to be living I think I have seen 2 young girls with short brownmilller cuts. Feb 07, Jessica rated it really liked it. This concept is very interesting: Email required Address never made public. I think feminism is about choices-whether that be to inflate one’s endowments, slap on some Tammy Fey eyes, stay at home with the kids, conquer the universe, cook, cry, play football, etc etc.

I was trying to imagine how this book would feel from a man’s perspective. Here they use the most sophisticated computers to extract from the faithful more money than they can afford to give.

Femininity – Susan Brownmiller – Google Books

May 20, Abby rated it really liked it Shelves: Does a woman’s appearance define her more than a man’s? We are talking, admittedly, about an exquisite esthetic. It veers into neither misogyny nor misandry. If women wore pants then they would be accused of being cross-dressers!

The masculine principle is better understood as a driving ethos of superiority designed to inspire straightforward, confident success, while the feminine principle is composed of vulnerability, the need for protection, the formalities of compliance and the avoidance of conflictin short, an appeal of dependence and good will that gives the masculine principle its romantic validity and its admiring applause.


She explores the topic appropriately starting with a chapter entitled “Body”, and ending with “Ambition”. Return to Book Page. Additionally, I would have preferred stories other than her personal ones.

She found long hair too hard to maintain, she didn’t want to wear dresses but was afraid that she would look too boyish with short hair and no earrings. To be insufficiently feminine is viewed as a failure in core sexual identity, or as a failure to care sufficiently about oneself, for a woman found wanting will be appraised and will appraise herself as mannish or neutered or simply unattractive, as men have defined these terms.

May 15, Hillary rated it really liked it. It is tempting to just close my eyes tightly and convince femiinity that this is all behind us, and women are now “free” browmniller wear what they want. Susan Brownmiller offers a witty and often pointed critique brownmillef the concept of femininity in With intelligence and humor, Susan Brownmiller explores the history and unspoken rules of the burden of “feminine perfection” What is femininity?

I think it is these browniller anecdotes that really make this book readable. She also throws in her own personal dilemmas–like knowing that her hair does not change her character, yet breaking down and admittedly feeling better about herself afterward and dyeing her gray hair–which make it more real.

Femininity, by Susan Brownmiller (Fawcett/Columbine, $). This – Chicago Tribune

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Brownmiller offers feminibity fascinating treatise on the origins and history of the traditional concept of femininity, distilling several thousand years of development into a slim volume packed with trivia.

Women need to be stronger and understand what they need and what they want, and, more importantly that they have the option. Whimsy, unpredictability and patterns of thinking and behavior that are dominated by emotion, such as tearful expressions of sentiment and fear, are thought to be femininiity precisely because they lie outside the established route to success.