During compression moulding of sheet moulding compound (SMC), voids are formed .. “Design for Success – A Design & Technology Manual for SMC/BMC”. Premix manufactures Sheet Molding Compounds (SMC) that are primarily used in compression molding. Premix offers SMC’s that are suitable for molding a. Most compression molding presses require that both the loading of SMC into the metals and even other polyesters such as bulk molding compound (BMC).

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Compression molding

The operator would then stretch the bottle at the neck over the core to free the bottle. The use of thermoset plastic compounds characterizes this molding process from many of the other molding processes. Research and Test Lab.

As a further bonus, SMC is time-efficient as well — it can be primed in-mold rather than needing to wait until after the molding process has finished. Processing of SMC of is typically done by compression or injection molding.

These thermoset materials are manufactured using a unique process that produces a material with the best combined properties of noulding BMC excellent flow properties and SMC excellent mechanical properties.

All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from March Articles with unsourced statements from August Therein, the heat sheet all molded parts from compressiion cycle were joined together by a parting line rind flash were placed in a transfer cart. Sheet molding compounds can be molded into complex shapes.


This design guide outlines various selection criteria with helpful technical data and comparisons to alternative materials. Despite the decreased weight, it offers similarstrength, durability, and quality as heavier polyesters. Manufacture of sheet molding compounds is a continuous in-line process. Both slugs were designed to stand up in the mold cavity.

Compression molding is also widely used to produce sandwich structures that incorporate a core material such as a honeycomb or polymer foam. Through our Engineered Solutions, Smv are tailored to specific customer needs providing part performance as well as manufacturing efficiency. Appearance critical parts that require a Class A paintable finish and structural applications that require high strength and stiffness but are not appearance critical.

Sheet Molding Compound | Compression Molding Process – Romeo RIM

The next cycle began by the jig being put over the hmc. Views Read Edit View history. Advanced composite thermoplastics can also be compression molded with unidirectional tapes, woven fabrics, randomly oriented fiber mat or chopped strand. Its excellent flow characteristics, dielectric properties, and flame resistance make this thermoset material well-suited to a wide variety of applications requiring precision in detail and dimensions as well as high performance.

LFI consists of polyurethane mixed with chopped glass fibers — as the name suggests, longer fibers are used for greater strength and reinforcement. Ability to create complex parts, including B-side geometry? Compression molding is commonly utilized by product development engineers seeking cost effective rubber and silicone parts.

Compression molding – Wikipedia

The mold is then cooled and the part removed. No problem — LFI can even mimic fine textures such as stone and wood grain. Features such as ribs, bosses and inserts can be molded in. The process employs thermosetting resins in a partially cured stage, either in the form of granules, putty -like masses, or preforms. The long fibers and sturdy resin combined produce a strong, cost-efficient material. Either way mouldkng our dedicated SMC laboratory is ready to support you.


Suitable applications are typically structural in nature with no flammability requirements. The operator would pry to open the clam shell mold top, and then lean the top of the mold back against the press.

Sheet Molding Compound | Compression Molding Process

The more evenly the feed material is distributed over the mold surface, the less flow orientation occurs during the compression stage. Retrieved 19 March Skip to main content. Combined with the straightforward nature and short production cycle of the compression molding process, parts made using SMC can be created in similarly high volume in a small amount of time. Intended for use in automotive or transportation body panels that require painting.

While the bottle was still hot the operator would insert prongs like reverse pliers in between the bottle rubber and the steel core.