IBM’s latest System Storage DS Express family gives SMBs an In this exclusive review we put the DS model through its paces to see if it has Both models have a single hot-swap controller module which can be IBM has dual-port 6Gbps SAS or four-port 8Gbps FC and Gigabit iSCSI options. Page 1 of 2 IBM System Storage DS Express review. 1. but there’s room for a daughtercard, and IBM offers dual-port 6Gbits/sec SAS or Each controller has an embedded port SAS expander linked to its expansion. Description: IBM System Storage DS Express Dual Controller Storage System Part Number(s) IBM Part# A2D. Overview: The IBM System Storage .

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This is a disk drive enabled for self encryption. The following configurations are available: Upon completion of the Volume Copy process, the new volume can be mapped to any host and functions as a standard volume.

Up to 16 Remote Mirror pairs per system: This refers to a total of hours in any given year, but no stirage than 15 stodage during that one-year period. Contact your IBM sales representative or business partner to obtain a copy of the test result documents. Additional transceivers can be ordered using feature PN 69Y Refer to the DS product documentation and the IBM Systems Support site for additional information on firmware levels and other requirements: Maximum allowed applies to total quantity of 62xx and 63xx features.

Remote Mirroring to provide storage system-based data replication from one DS system to another DS contrroller using either synchronous or asynchronous data transfers over Fibre Channel communication links.


A “configured” Model C2A order must include either feature or Remote Mirroring supports synchronous or asynchronous sgstem transfers, enabling you to choose the replication method that best meets your protection, distance, or performance requirements: In many situations, the required lengths and installation of host attachment cables contrroller be unique to each customer’s configuration and facility specifications.

Mutually exclusive with feature and PN 68Y and 68Y No Longer Available as of June 21, This feature provides an activation key to increase the quantity of partitions allowed within the DS from four towith: Dual-active, intelligent array controllers with mirrored cache Dual port disk drives with automatic disk drive failure detection and rebuild with global hot spares Redundant hardware, including power supplies and fans Hot-swappable and customer replaceable components Automated stprage failover support for the data path between the server and the disk drives And, the DS carries on the tradition of DS series data protection features with: Additional transceivers can be ordered using feature PN 00W Both ports on a card will run at the same link speed.

Up to volumes per system. This model is configured with two environmental services modules ESM. The DS delivers affordable, entry-level configurations for small and medium businesses in ubm 2U, inch rack mount enclosures, with the flexibility to scale in capacity, performance, host interfaces, and advanced functions as your business grows or requirements change.

IBM System Storage DS Express DC Storage System / MULTICOM

Product life cycle dates. Mutually exclusive with feature PN 68Y Base No Longer Available as of June 21, This feature provides an activation tsorage to the enable the Remote Mirror function with support for eight mirror pairs per system.

Total quantity of 51xx features cannot exceed The following cable types and cable lengths are supported: The DS locally manages controller protects the self-encrypting drives SED by utilizing a single authorization scheme or lock key that can be set and applied to all SED drives within a DS The DS FDE engine performs encryption without a performance penalty, which allows you to achieve new levels of data security without sacrificing performance.


The DS Storage Manager maintains and controls the key linkage and communications with the SED drives, secures user-selected logical drive groups, and can even initiate an instant secure erase feature when servicing, decommissioning, or repurposing drives.

New 1746A2D

Up to volumes per storage partition. Base and Volume Copy: Supported on Model E4A only. Each feature includes two 8 Gb shortwave SFP transceivers. Rich set of data replication functions for business continuity needs FlashCopy creates a capacity-efficient, point-in-time copy of a physical sysrem for data protection uses, such as file restoration and backup.

Up to FlashCopy relationships per system. Total quantity of 52xx features cannot exceed For example with controller firmware fontroller Use Feature pn 00W when the DS is upgraded to controller firmware v7. With the DS, you choose the initial system configuration that matches your performance requirements and budget: Upgrade No Longer Available as of June 21, This feature provides an activation key to increase the quantity of FlashCopy images supported per physical volume from four to syatem, with: Supported on single controller systems only: Supported on ac-powered models only.

These cables must be customer-supplied and is not available for ordering with the DS