Nearly a century on, the King-Byng affair of is still considered the mother of all constitutional crises in Canada and the example everyone. In it, journalist Bruce Hutchison explains quite succinctly the complex series of events known as the King-Byng affair (also called by some – the King-Byng Wing . Instead, Byng invited the opposition Conservatives to replace King’s Liberals as the The CBC’s Peter Gzowski surveys the effect of the Star-Kist affair on.

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During the twenties he was sent over by Britain to be the Governor General: As a refusal by a Governor-General to accept the advice kin-byng a Prime Minister is a serious step at any time, and most serious under existing conditions in all parts of the British Empire today, there will be raised, I fear, by the refusal on Your Excellency’s part to accept the advice tendered a grave constitutional question without precedent in the history of Great Britain for a century, and in the history of Canada since Confederation.

Accessed 31 December In the United Kingdom inthe Lascelles Principles expressed the relevant constitutional conventions in the king-bynh, in which the King-Byng controversy served as one of the underlying precedents.

King-Byng Affair | Canadian history |

This online, public domain site is the fifth edition of the project. At that time, convention dictated that the ministers of the Crown drawn from the House of Commons were obliged upon appointment to resign their seats king-bynv parliament and run for re-election.

Instead, Harper asked for a prorogation, and Jean agreed to the request. Construction began next door — and then, they say, the nightmare began. Constitutional Reform The King-Byng Affair played a role in the Imperial King-bhng ofwhich began to put legal substance behind the Balfour Report declaration that Britain and the Dominions were constitutionally “equal in status.


Political Evolution in B. Byng declined King’s advice.

Wikisource has original text related to this article: The Liberals were infuriated over this usage of “acting ministers” and were able to get the Progressives to join them in a successful drive to bring down the Conservative minority government, [9] the government losing confidence by only one vote.

Governor General of Canada. If there is anything which, having regard to my responsibilities as Prime Minister, I can even yet do to avert such a deplorable and, possibly, far-reaching crisis, I shall be glad to do so, and shall be pleased to have my resignation withheld at Your Excellency’s request pending the time it may be necessary for Your Excellency to communicate with the Secretary of State for the Dominions.

Counting on the support of the Progressive Partywith its 28 seats, to overcome the Conservative plurality, King who had lost his seat in the election, and didn’t regain a seat formally until February thanks to Charles McDonald did not resign and remained in office as head of a minority government.

If the Governor-General had granted the request, he would have become an accomplice in a flagrant act of contempt for Parliament. Views Read Edit View history. The King-Byng Affair played a role in the Imperial Conference ofwhich began to put legal substance behind the Balfour Report declaration that Britain and the Dominions were constitutionally “equal in status.

Although many Conservatives privately preferred an election, Meighen believed he was bound by honour and convention to accept Byng’s invitation.

Afterthe governor general remained an important figure in Canadian governance as a constitutional watchdog, [1] but the role was shorn of its previous imperial duties.

Letter requesting resolution to the King–Byng Affair

Woodsworth proposed amending Stevens’ amendment to remove the censure of the government and set up a Royal Commission to investigate the customs department further.


This further alienated the members of the Progressive Party.

This government lasted only three days, however, before it lost a vote in the House of Commons and an election had to be called after all. James Douglas Gold Rush Fever Byng granted his request. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

This is not that story. The motion was kijg-byng, despite the full support of the government.

A Progressive MP, W. According to constitutional convention in the British Empirethe governor general once represented both the sovereign in his imperial council and in his Canadian councilking-byjg the convention had evolved with Byng’s predecessors, the Canadian government, and the Canadian people into a tradition king-byhg non-interference in Canadian political affairs on the part of the British government.

The governing party has less than half the seats in parliament. To avoid the inevitable vote on the Fansher amendment, which would either force his government’s resignation or bring his administration into disrepute, King went to Byng on 26 June seeking a dissolution of parliament.

King-Byng Affair

On 30 October, King visited Byng after consulting with the rest of Cabinet and informed the Governor General that his government would continue kibg-byng parliament decided otherwise. The King—Byng affair was a Canadian constitutional crisis that occurred inwhen the Governor General of Canadathe Lord Byng of Vimyrefused a request by his prime ministerWilliam Lyon Mackenzie Kingto dissolve parliament and call a general election. Mackenzie King was outraged; he railed against Byng for having the gall to reject the advice of an elected leader.